Friday, 11 August 2017

Branch Manager Shot Dead in Third Bank

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Branch manager shot dead in third bank heist within a month

Branch manager shot dead in third bank heist within a month bank manager died when he resisted armed robbery at his branch in Shahrah-i-Quaideen on Tuesday afternoon. Abdul Rahim Motiwala, 57, was the father of three and was a resident of Federal B. Area 's Block 10, police said. Within a month, the third bank robber, Murad Ali Shah (Shad Murad Ali Shah), questioned police activities in the city and witnessed a surge in murder, street crime and bank robbery. .

When four armed robbers in Shalwar kameez were pulled out of a branch of United Bank Ltd in Shahrah-i-Quaideen, they were about 1.35pm, two of them in the branch and robbed a lone security officer. . SSP East Irfan Baloch quoted an initial report from the local police, saying, "The two accomplices entered the branch and a small number of employees and a few guns aimed at the gun.

CM asks about the police performance in the city.

One of them preferred to stay in the entrance because the other people were collecting cash from the counter and collecting cell phones from their employees, and the thieves removed guns from the guards while returning to the loot. Police officer said that Mr. Motiwala, the manager, was away while he was calling his cell phone just before the robbery. The manager added that the thief was waiting for the situation to be detected and robbed.

When the robber escaped, Mottigala overwhelmed one of them and triggered the launch by another. [Shootout] remained dead on the spot, and the thief slowed down at the awesome waiting outside. Police added.

IGP asks for reports.

Sindh IGP A.D. Khowaja asked DIG East for a detailed report on the robbery, with immediate notification of the case. According to a statement released by the Central Police Agency, the police chief urged the authorities to take measures if convicted of the negligence.

Khowaja instructed the DIG CIA to take steps to arrest the burglary early on, through evidence gathered at the scene of the crime and statements from witnesses and bank employees. Over the past month, the city has seen an increase in violence and criminal activity, and fears spread among residents who witnessed a relative recovery of peace in Karachi, which had been violent for years in sectarian, ethnic and political backgrounds.

The recent surge in crime and violence has been seen by chance following the Karachi police order change. Three bank branches were plundered in a month and four policemen and about six politicians were killed in gunfire.

SHO Suspended

Fresh bank robbers tormented the prime minister. He questioned the performance of the judicial authorities and demanded detailed reports on the events and actions of the chief of police who resigned by the city police officer.

  • CM House said in a statement, "How can the violence in Karachi happen?
  • Where is the local police? What progress has been made so far?

Shah ordered an immediate arrest of robbers and asked the Karachi police chief to use all available resources to investigate bank robberies to get the desired results in the shortest possible time.

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