Sunday, 2 July 2017

Xi Talks Tough On Hong Kong As Protesters

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Xi talks tough on Hong Kong as protesters call for democracy

Chinese Premier Sai Jinping warned on Saturday of a new leader in Hong Kong, warning that Beijing will not tolerate any challenge to the authority of the Chinese government on the 20th anniversary of Britain's return to China in a divided city. The police blocked the road and blocked pro-democracy protesters from drowning in the marina near the port where the last colonial governor, Chris Patten, hit the rain in 1997 when he hit Hong Kong in China.

He said Hong Kong should crack down on Hong Kong independence

The attempt to threaten China's sovereignty and security, to challenge the power of the central government, or to conduct intrusion and destruction of the mainland through Hong Kong is absolutely unacceptable beyond the red line," Xi said. He also referred to the "humiliation and sadness" China experienced on the first day of the Opium War in the early 1840s, and conquered Hong Kong to England.

Hong Kong has been anxious about Beijing because of its demand for complete democracy and recent calls by protesters for independence. Has expressed concern over recent years of concerns over interference in Beijing by Beijing's efforts to deprive some of the Hong Kong bookstores of kidnappings by mainland agents and the recent election of two independent independent parliamentarians to the city, Strong, but legislative.

"This is a straightforward and pointed way of dealing with the problem," said Lau Siu-kai, a senior Hong Kong senior advisor to Hong Cable Television. "The power of the central government has not been fully respected.

The close choreography of the unprecedented security facility closures near the pro-democracy demonstration site in 2014 was filled with pro-Chinese rhetoric and garnered global headlines with clashes and tear gas across the coastal skyscrapers. The streets did not come in contact with street people or pro-democratic voices, and gave up the opportunity to lower political enthusiasm through a softer, more nuanced approach.

Some activists acknowledge that Xi has become the culmination of a growing sense of disillusionment in the democratic movement since it seized power, but the strong position of democracy and Beijing is probably wider and can lead to radicalism. Under the Hong Kong Constitution, the Hong Kong Constitution is guaranteed a broad autonomy of "at least 50 years" according to the formula of "one nation, two classes", which has been acclaimed by Xi since 1997. We also designate universal suffrage as the final goal.

But Beijing's rejection of full democracy was one of the biggest populist challenges to Beijing for decades with three-month street protests in 2014.

'Most urgent' protests

In the afternoon, tens of thousands gathered in a huge park named after Queen Victoria in sweat. The organizers increased this number to more than 60,000. Some protesters march in the city as a symbol of democratic activism, a yellow umbrella, holding a flag denouncing China's communist "one-sided rule." Others criticized the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which said on Friday that the "joint declaration" with Hong Kong, a treaty pending a treaty on how cities will be ruled since 1997, is "no longer practical."

Carrie Lam, China's first female leader, expressed strong support in Beijing, China. A small group of democratic activists near the stadium was squashed by a group of men who crushed several props in an ugly parachute. The nine democratic protesters, including student leader Joshua Wong and lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung, were tied to police ranks and many pro-Chinese groups cheered loudly and shook the red Chinese flag .

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