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US Decision Will Not Affect Legitimate Struggle For Kashmir'

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US decision will not affect legitimate struggle for Kashmir's freedom: Syed Salahuddin

Sadah Salahuddin, Hizbul Mujahideen's supreme commander, said that the US decision to appoint him as a "world terrorist" would not change any of the "legitimate" struggle that led to "freedom" in India's Kashmir. He said.

Salahuddin, the largest, largely indigenous militant group leader in fighting security forces in Kashmir in India, responded to a nomination by the US State Department as a specially designated World Terrorist (SDGT) at a Saturday press conference. At the Central Press Club of Muzaffarabad

Previously, he received a warm welcome in the city, and many people sprayed rose petals on the shower. He shook hands with the crowd and signaled victory in his traditional look, off the sunroof of his car.

Abdullah regarded the move of the Donald Trump administration as an idiot "pleasing and pleasing" Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with "speculation and lack of reason".

He was named a world terrorist before the meeting between Modi and US President Donald Trump.

"We returned this foolish step to the face of the two leaders to inform the world that this idiot can not undermine our determination and stop the free struggle and the goal-oriented action of free fighters," he said. .

"The war fights with courage and spirit and makes them use the stone like an atomic bomb," he said. He pointed to the rocks of unarmed young men in Kashmir, who are having a hard time with the entire occupation machine.

He said the United States and India can not cite a single case to prove that the freedom fighters of Kashmir are terrorists. "This decision will not affect our decision, but it has already strengthened our resolve," he added.

Salahuddin argued that even the laws of the United States do not support the Trump administration's decisions. "It does not meet one of the conditions for naming someone as a world terrorist," he said while reading these terms on his cell phone.

"This is Syed Salahuddin's challenge," he added: I can not cite a single example that can be defined as a terrorist act I have committed or committed during the last 27 years of the rebellion. . "

"India has not had the opportunity to take a benevolent attitude to the international community and to struggle with legitimate and lawful terror," said Salahuddin, who claimed that Kashmir militants have the ability to penetrate India's interests across India. "He said.

"The struggle supported by the Charter of the United Nations and the 18 resolutions of the Security Council are still pending on the agenda and can never be classified as a terrorist movement."

He quoted an excerpt from the United Nations mission in the United States in June 1962 and a commitment by India's first Prime Minister, Jwahar Lal Nehru. "We are right to say that the ongoing armed struggle is legitimate. Justified struggle. All free fighters are legitimate freedom fighters, not terrorists. "

He said India is carrying out terrorist attacks in Kashmir and said it was "killing teenagers during the crackdowns and crackdowns against repression and rape by Indian troops."

Salahuddin is a "terrorist" under Article 1 (b) of the Administrative Ordinance (EO) 13224 which has committed terrorist acts that threaten the safety of the American people or imposes sanctions on foreigners at serious risk, , Foreign policy or the economy announced earlier this week by the US Department of State.

This action annoys Americans in a financial deal with Syed Salahuddin, the top leader of Hizbul Mujahideen.

The department declared in September 2016 that Salahuddin would prevent a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute. He has threatened to train President Kashmiri suicide bombers and make the Kashmir valley "a cemetery of the Indian army".

The United States claimed that the armed group was responsible for several attacks.

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