Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pakistan Denies India Consular Access

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Pakistan denies India consular access to Jadhav again

The Pakistani government refused to admit a spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was arrested on suspicion of espionage and terrorism earlier this year in a Pakistani military court, at the Indian consulate.

The Indian Foreign Ministry resumed its permanent approach to the consulate, repeating the promise that "India and Pakistan should prioritize all humanitarian issues" as Pakistan and India exchanged lists of prisoners with consular access agreements in 2008. Jadhav.

India requested the Pakistani government for "early release and repatriation of Indians, Indian defense agents and fishermen missing, and ships for which India has confirmed their nationality."

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FO) has rejected New Delhi's demand for a consular approach to Jadhav. The Indian spy has accused civilian prisoners of "comedy of logic."

If Jadhav thinks the general prisoner is an Indian attempt to deny the fact, the FO said.

Commander Jadhav, an Indian naval officer, was sent to Pakistan through spy, terrorism and destructive activities by the Intelligence Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), which inflicted innocent life and property damage. "

FO said five Indian civilians sentenced on June 22 were returned to India, but 20 Pakistani civilians detained in India await repatriation, while 107 Pakistanis and 85 Pakistani militants are permanently inaccessible. .

FO also pointed out that two boys Ali Raja and Barbari Ali who "crossed the border" by mistake in the territory of India were returned within a year.

A Pakistani spokesman said, "Pakistan signed a bilateral consular service agreement in letters and minds, and will try to prevent humanitarian issues from being hostage in politics." India is expected to outgrow itself through action rather than by law. "

Progress on the release of detainees was hampered by tense relations between the two countries, and civilians and prisoners spent a longer period of time after they had been released.

The joint judicial commission to resolve the problems of fishermen and other detainees has not been active since October 2013, when Pakistani officials visited Indian prisons.

India has pleaded with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to allow a consulate in Jadhav, a RAW agent convicted and sentenced to death for espionage and terrorism.

The ICJ continued to enforce Jadhav until the final judgment on the case was reached.

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