Sunday, 2 July 2017

FIA Team Wraps Up SECP Probe

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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) team, which investigated the records of the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP), completed its work on Friday after more than two hours with the IT department of the corporate sector regulator.

The four-member FIA team, led by anti-corruption wing director Maqsoodul Hassan, began the investigation after working hours on Friday, June 23, and finished on the SECP site on Friday, June 30. After quizzing several SECP executives and holding a meeting with the senior management of the committee, the FIA team spent their last time in the IT department. There were rumors that certain hardware was seized, including notebooks issued to JEPARHI JAZZI SECP Chairperson. However, this impression was rejected by senior SECP staff.

Senior SECP executives told Dawn that SECP had multiple backup servers to ensure data security across the entire network. The software is operating overseas and the data is protected in five steps," the official said. "FIA agents have brought email records for some of the officers surveyed earlier, but the option to delete previous records has been blocked from emails from many executives."

The FIT team was established under the direction of the elite court 

when JIT asserted that SECP had engaged in record operations. The investigator looks at the IT records. FIA officials are investigating new evidence that investigated the Hudabiya documents.

A source at the FIA said some of the evidence was collected at the SECP and some were recognized by senior and senior executives. They all acknowledged that the deadline for Chaudhry Sugar Mills was dismissed retroactively in the office of SECP President Zafar Hijazi in 2016. This is not a serious crime, but the reason for the threat to employees is that employees are threatened to sign It is because. "

The closed memo is an officer assigned to a money laundering case involving Maheen Fatima, Chaudhry Sugar Mills, signed by Ali Azeem, head of the executive department in 2013. But Tahir Mahmood, chairman of the SECP in 2013, did not mention it, and a source at the FIA is now a commissioner for the company's legal department.

This is in violation of written responses to the Supreme Court filed by the FIA

SEC Chairperson Hijazi SECP Chairman Tahir Mahmood received a briefing on the Fatima issue at the meeting, and it was reported that the matter had already been completed and a request was sent to the British authorities for investigation. And withdrew in 2013.

The SECP response to the Supreme Court said that each committee member had been appointed for the long time since the matter had been terminated. Meanwhile, investigators reported that they found new evidence that the team was tampering with records in records from Hudabiya Sugar Mills and other organizations owned by Sharif affiliates.

However, the official said, This evidence is related to the change of the name of the directors without following the due process," and added, "These illegal acts are being revealed with the help of the moles inside the committee. The FIA will submit the report to JIT tomorrow (Monday) and submit it.

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