Sunday, 2 July 2017

Defiant Salahuddin Denounces Terrorist Designation

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On Saturday, Hizbul Mujahideen's Supreme Commander Ed Salaweedin held his India appointment as "Global Terrorist" as a "stupid step" taken by the administration of US President Donald Trump to appease Indian Prime Minister Nathalie Modi in Kashmir, ignoring ground reality Explained.

But he argued that the decision would not make any difference to the legitimate struggle of the Kashmirians for their right to self-determination.

"We have turned this foolish step on the faces of the two leaders so that the world can understand that this fool can not weaken our resolve or stop free struggle and goal-oriented action by free struggle," A meeting was held five days after the State Department declared him "a specially designated world terrorist" shortly before the General Assembly of Modi together with Trump.

"The war is fought with courage and spirit, and it uses stones like atomic bombs," said unarmed young men in Kashmir, India, throwing rocks.

Salahuddin, who arrived at the media club in a large procession at his organization's office in Tahli Mandi, insisted that even the laws of the United States do not support the Trump administration's decision. "I can not even match one of the conditions that I call a world terrorist," he said.

The US move says it will not affect Kashmir's struggle.

"This is a challenge from Shiad Salahuddin," he said three times, adding: "You can quote one example I can define as an ordered terrorist act that will be committed myself or committed during the last twenty-seven years of the battle There is not . "

Cissalafuddin claims that Kashmir armed forces everywhere owns the ability to strike India's profits in India, "but India gets the support of the international community and gets the opportunity to brand our legitimate and legitimate struggle with terrorism So that we may exercise redemption ".

The UN Charter-backed struggle and the 18 resolutions of the Security Council are still pending against the agenda. It can never be classified as a terrorist movement. "

He thought India was desperately trying many times to call the free movement of Kashmir a terror.

He also quoted excerpts from speeches conveyed by the United Nations United Nations delegation to diplomacy, a commitment to politics made in June 1962, as well as a plenary made by the first Indian prime minister of various events and "The Army Front" And legal requirements ".

"All freedom fighters are legitimate freedom fighters, not terrorists. The United States and India can not quote a single case to prove that the freedom fighter of Kashmir is a terrorist."

Free movement
Kashmir spokesman Kashmiri said it is the most peaceful country that has used peaceful means for 42 years to resolve the issue of armed struggle in 1989.

But even armed struggle was driven centuries ago by a "Code of Behavior" designed by the Holy Prophet (peace must follow him). The goal was the personnel and fixtures of the army, not civilians.

He said, "Indeed, the Indian army is carrying out terrorist attacks in Kashmir," he said, suggesting indiscriminate bullets and pouting, arbitrary arrest, arson and female sexual harassment to the Indian army.

The reason why the United States mentioned the reason Mr. Mondi, who gave a "red carpet reception" to a man dyed with a score of 2,000 Gujarat Muslims and low caste Hinduism before the US visa was rejected beforehand, is the reason for that.

"The stupidity caused by Mr Trump warns the satisfaction and love of the two countries to satisfy the feelings of the greatest terrorist in the world," he vowed that the struggle of Kashmir would continue until the retreat of the last Indian soldier.

The Kashmir leader emphasized that while the United States always supported the United States and suffered tremendous losses as a front - line state in the war against terrorism, the United States deceived India in all cases.

Salahuddin also dismissed speculation about the existence of an armed Islamic state group or al - Qaeda in Kashmir.

He thanked China for "supporting the cause of Kashmir" except for Pakistan.

Pakistan, however, emphasized that it should immediately promote "sluggish" efforts on the diplomatic side in order to gain maximum support for the Kashmirians.

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