Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bangladesh Marks First Anniversary Of Cafe Attack

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Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the deadly attack on the Dhaka luxury cafe in one of the worst Islamic attacks in Bangladesh history on Saturday.

Tearful mourners killed 22 young people on July 1, 2016, with dozens of hostages spreading flowers outside the premises of five young men, Holey Artisan Bakery, a gun and knife - armed cafe.

Most of the victims were foreigners (mostly Italians and Japanese) and many were brutally hacked.

Since then the lakeside building was first blocked by the police by the owner. The bakery itself resumed in a new, safe place.

As police security got stronger, a two-story white house opened for four hours on Saturday. The top political leaders, the Italian ambassador and the Japanese ambassador, and many tearful women paid tribute to the victims of the siege.

"Memory is painful and terrible," said Monica Chowdhury, mother of Faraaz Hossain, one of the victims. "This is not the true face of Bangladesh, we lost a friend, I lost my nephew, it hurts deep in my mind," she said.

Asaduzzaman Nur, Minister of Culture of Bangladesh, told reporters that the government never imagined that this kind of attack could happen.

"Bangladesh has a long history of abundant culture and free customs, and this attack was also an attack on our heritage," he said. Bangladesh is gradually overcoming the threat posed by Islamic extremism, he added.

Mourner Husne Ara said she did not lose a friend or relative during the attack, but changed her life by shaking her deeply. "I can not express the anxieties that children feel when they go out. I pray that this kind of event will never be repeated."

An aggressive group of Muslim countries demanded an immediate attack, but Sheikh Hassaniya's prime minister claimed instead to be responsible for Muslims in his country, rather than being present in his country.

After the attack, law enforcement officials shot about 70 Islamic extremists across the country, including a Canadian "leader" in the siege of Canada from Bangladesh.

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