Sunday, 2 July 2017

AJK Surgical Strikes Planned After Success

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AJK surgical strikes planned after success in Myanmar: Parrikar

As a TV anchor in India used pants to take Pakistan to Pakistan as if it were embezzled in Myanmar, the Indian Army prepared a controversial surgical attack inside Azad Jammu and Kashmir It is finished report of the full-time defense minister, Mano Happy Parik√°, on Saturday.

Indian Express Mr. Parrikar found that television anchors "insulted" the government minister after the anti-riot operation in Myanmar border 2015 anti-riot work to carry out similar attacks in Azad Kashmir.

Speaking before an entrepreneurial meeting in Pasadena on Friday, Mr Parrikar, now a Goa chief minister, said, "[AJK] The operation strike against militants was planned in advance of 15 months."

Forty Pakistani units have been destroyed by radar, the defense minister said.

On June 4, 2015, the north-eastern part of the armed group NSCN-K raided Indian military convoys in the Chandel district of Manipur and killed 18 soldiers. Parrikar said he felt insulted when he learned about the incident.

"The killing of 18 dogra soldiers was an insult to the Indian Army of 200 small terrorist organizations and we sat in the afternoon and sat in the evening, carrying out a plan for the first surgical strike [conducted on June 8 morning] on the border with India and Myanmar About 70-80 terrorists have died along the way. "

It was a successful attack, he added. The only case of injury on the army side is that the leeches are attached to the soldier's legs, he added.

Unlike some reports, helicopters were not used.

"I left the helicopter on standby only for emergency evacuation."

"But one media question hurts me: a former soldier, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, was on the TV and he was explaining all sorts of search operations: the anchor of the anchor said," Do you have the courage and ability to do the same in the west? I asked.

"I heard a lot of enthusiasm, but I decided to answer when the time came. The September 29th [2016] surge strike at the western frontier began on June 9, 2015 ... We have planned ahead, additional troops have been trained, and equipment has been procured in priority order. "

The Swathi Weapon Finder radar, developed by the National Defense R & D Organization, was first used in September 2016 to look for the "launch device" of the Pakistan Army, though the system was officially delivered three months later, he said.

The radar claimed that 40 rifles were destroyed by the Pakistani army. Pakistan denies Indian troops' invasion of territory.

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