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Friday, 11 August 2017

Donald Trump warns North Korea of fire and fury

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Trump warns North Korea of fire and fury

President Donald Trump issued North Korea with an apocalyptic warning on Tuesday, saying it faced fire and fury over its weapons programs, as Pyongyang said it was considering a missile strike near the US territory of Guam. Trump's comments marked a sharp intensification of Washington's rhetoric over the North's nuclear and missile programmes, which saw a seventh set of United Nations sanctions imposed on it over the weekend.

The remarks also appeared to echo Pyongyang's own regular threats, most recently repeated on Monday, to turn Seoul into a Sea of flames.North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” said Trump, speaking from his golf club in New Jersey. “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.

Trump's tone was markedly different to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's assurances last week that Washington was not seeking regime change in Pyongyang. North Korea raised the stakes just hours later, saying it was considering missile strikes near US strategic military installations on the Pacific island of Guam.

Once finalised, the plan could be put into action at “any moment” once leader Kim Jong-Un made a decision, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) quoted a military statement as saying. The remote island of Guam ─ a 210-square-mile dot in the Pacific ─ is a key US military outpost and home to some 6,000 US troops spread across facilities including the sprawling Anderson Air Force Base, as well as Naval Base Guam.

Guam-based US B1-B bombers overflew the Korean peninsula on Tuesday, which KCNA said proves that the US imperialists are nuclear war maniacs. Earlier, the Washington Post quoted a Defense Intelligence Agency analysis as saying officials think North Korea now has “nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery” ─ including in its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) making it a potent threat against neighbors and possibly the United States.

The Pentagon did not comment on the story, but the Post said two US officials familiar with the analysis had verified the assessment's broad conclusions, and CNN said it had confirmed the report.

Unhinged reaction

Experts have long differed over the North's exact capabilities, and a similar DIA assessement four years ago was dismissed by other intelligence organisations. But all agree it has made rapid progress under leader Kim Jong-Un.

Last month Pyongyang carried out its first two successful ICBM launches, the first ─ described by Kim as a gift to “American bastards” ─ showing it could reach Alaska, and the second extending its range even further, with some experts suggesting New York could be vulnerable.

Trump said Kim “has been very threatening beyond a normal state

As I said, they will be met with the fire and fury and, frankly, power,” he told reporters. US officials have repeatedly said this year that military action against the North was an “option on the table. But analysts and politicians reacted to the US president's latest remarks with derision. Trying to out-threaten North Korea is like trying to out-pray the Pope,” John Delury of Seoul's Yonsei University said on Twitter.

Security commentator Ankit Panda added: “Trump's comments were dangerous and unusual; North Korea's threat was also specific, but not unusual. Congressman Eliot Engel, the Democratic senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, chastised Trump for drawing an “absurd” red line that Kim would inevitably cross. North Korea is a real threat, but the president's unhinged reaction suggests he might consider using American nuclear weapons in response to a nasty comment from a North Korean despot,” Engel said in a statement.

Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said Washington continues to work to make sure China and other countries enforced the new UN sanctions. On Guam, governor Eddie Calvo downplayed Pyongyang's statement, saying that “currently there is no threat” and the territory was “prepared for any eventuality.”

Technical hurdles

The Post also reported that another intelligence assessment estimated North Korea now has up to 60 nuclear weapons, more than previously thought. Despite the advance, North Korea still must overcome technical hurdles before it will be seen to have perfected the technology. After Kim's second ICBM test, experts said it appeared the “re-entry vehicle” that would carry a warhead back into Earth's atmosphere from space had failed in the intense heat.

Former Los Alamos National Laboratory director Siegfried Hecker told the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists he did not think North Korea yet had sufficient missile or nuclear test experience “to field a nuclear warhead that is sufficiently small, light and robust to survive an ICBM delivery.”

North Korea has vowed that the new UN sanctions would not stop it from developing its nuclear arsenal, and that it would never negotiate it away.

Branch Manager Shot Dead in Third Bank

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Branch manager shot dead in third bank heist within a month

Branch manager shot dead in third bank heist within a month bank manager died when he resisted armed robbery at his branch in Shahrah-i-Quaideen on Tuesday afternoon. Abdul Rahim Motiwala, 57, was the father of three and was a resident of Federal B. Area 's Block 10, police said. Within a month, the third bank robber, Murad Ali Shah (Shad Murad Ali Shah), questioned police activities in the city and witnessed a surge in murder, street crime and bank robbery. .

When four armed robbers in Shalwar kameez were pulled out of a branch of United Bank Ltd in Shahrah-i-Quaideen, they were about 1.35pm, two of them in the branch and robbed a lone security officer. . SSP East Irfan Baloch quoted an initial report from the local police, saying, "The two accomplices entered the branch and a small number of employees and a few guns aimed at the gun.

CM asks about the police performance in the city.

One of them preferred to stay in the entrance because the other people were collecting cash from the counter and collecting cell phones from their employees, and the thieves removed guns from the guards while returning to the loot. Police officer said that Mr. Motiwala, the manager, was away while he was calling his cell phone just before the robbery. The manager added that the thief was waiting for the situation to be detected and robbed.

When the robber escaped, Mottigala overwhelmed one of them and triggered the launch by another. [Shootout] remained dead on the spot, and the thief slowed down at the awesome waiting outside. Police added.

IGP asks for reports.

Sindh IGP A.D. Khowaja asked DIG East for a detailed report on the robbery, with immediate notification of the case. According to a statement released by the Central Police Agency, the police chief urged the authorities to take measures if convicted of the negligence.

Khowaja instructed the DIG CIA to take steps to arrest the burglary early on, through evidence gathered at the scene of the crime and statements from witnesses and bank employees. Over the past month, the city has seen an increase in violence and criminal activity, and fears spread among residents who witnessed a relative recovery of peace in Karachi, which had been violent for years in sectarian, ethnic and political backgrounds.

The recent surge in crime and violence has been seen by chance following the Karachi police order change. Three bank branches were plundered in a month and four policemen and about six politicians were killed in gunfire.

SHO Suspended

Fresh bank robbers tormented the prime minister. He questioned the performance of the judicial authorities and demanded detailed reports on the events and actions of the chief of police who resigned by the city police officer.

  • CM House said in a statement, "How can the violence in Karachi happen?
  • Where is the local police? What progress has been made so far?

Shah ordered an immediate arrest of robbers and asked the Karachi police chief to use all available resources to investigate bank robberies to get the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Opposition In Sindh Rejects PPP’s Anti NAB Bill

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Opposition In Sindh Rejects PPP’s Anti NAB Bill

The opposition views the measure as an attempt to rescue a spokesman for the ruling party from impending charges, as the Nationalist Party of Pakistan decided to submit a bill to the Sindh General Assembly to withdraw the 1999 application of the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) . On Friday, the Sindh Cabinet unanimously approved a draft bill to abolish the application of the NAB law in provincial departments and municipalities controlled by the Sindh government. The draft law will be announced at the Sind General Assembly, which begins on Monday (tomorrow).

The government of Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reduced.

Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf in Khyber role of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the region and the legislature, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the PTI and the Muslim Federation of Pakistan - Who had doubts about the intentions of having agreed to work on this bill through an informal contact on Saturday to resist teeth and nails.

Opposition parties sit together on Monday to form a joint strategy against the bill ahead of parliament. Opposition officials say opposition officials and government officials have all been accused of corruption or facing NAB investigations, opposition lawmakers said.

They expressed concerns about the Sindh government's plan to hand over the role of the NAB to an anti-corruption agency that is not an independent organization controlled by the local government.

We condemn attempts to abolish the role of the federal agency in Sind ... those who are overwhelmed by corruption now deny the opportunity to take responsibility for the agency," said Nand Kumar, VPA of MPA PML-F at the Sindh Conference.

He insisted that the government should reform existing laws, including accountability, but the government did not believe in reform. "They just want to save corruption." Samar Ali Khan, a PTI member of the Sindh Assembly, was critical of the PPP government's move. "Sind is the most corrupt area of the Federation. By taking this step, the rulers want to save their skin instead of removing corruption."

He said the NAB was attacked against the background of the Supreme Court's decision on the Panama document case and subsequent joint investigations because the NAB thought the PPP (leadership) was in the next stage of accountability after Sharifs. Asked why KP's PTI had done the same thing two years ago and his party is opposed to the government's bill, he acknowledged that KP has some issues and tried to depoliticize it.

MQM's Faisal Subzwari also said his party would oppose the house's bill. "Our team is concerned about the bill," he said. PPP is the largest single party in the Sind General Assembly. It has numerical strengths and can pass all laws without the support of the opposition. But the Kumar party in PML-F said the opposition party could approach the court for "illegal and unconstitutional" conduct.

NAB is currently conducting a survey of 200-250 people in Sindh. About 15 to 20 of them are politicians and dozens are other officials. The majority belong to the ruling party in Sindh.

Lead PPP leaders Asim Hussain and Sharjeel Memon are already facing court corruption charges.

The PPP government said it wanted a transparent system that called the NAB law "dictatorial and ruthless", preventing corruption and not using it against political opponents. The advocacy of Sindh Barrister Zamir Ghumro, who briefed the Cabinet on the merits of the draft bill to abolish the NAO on Friday, told Dawn that certain provisions of the NAB law - 90 days of restitution, bargaining claim of juries for defendants - It was in violation.

He said the bill would require Sindh's consent if it passes the parliament. There are two proposals to strengthen the 1991 Sindh Survey and Anti-Corruption Act or to introduce new actions to prevent corruption. However, he made it clear that the words "accountability" or "Ehtesab" would not be part of the new legislation.

Xi Talks Tough On Hong Kong As Protesters

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Xi talks tough on Hong Kong as protesters call for democracy

Chinese Premier Sai Jinping warned on Saturday of a new leader in Hong Kong, warning that Beijing will not tolerate any challenge to the authority of the Chinese government on the 20th anniversary of Britain's return to China in a divided city. The police blocked the road and blocked pro-democracy protesters from drowning in the marina near the port where the last colonial governor, Chris Patten, hit the rain in 1997 when he hit Hong Kong in China.

He said Hong Kong should crack down on Hong Kong independence

The attempt to threaten China's sovereignty and security, to challenge the power of the central government, or to conduct intrusion and destruction of the mainland through Hong Kong is absolutely unacceptable beyond the red line," Xi said. He also referred to the "humiliation and sadness" China experienced on the first day of the Opium War in the early 1840s, and conquered Hong Kong to England.

Hong Kong has been anxious about Beijing because of its demand for complete democracy and recent calls by protesters for independence. Has expressed concern over recent years of concerns over interference in Beijing by Beijing's efforts to deprive some of the Hong Kong bookstores of kidnappings by mainland agents and the recent election of two independent independent parliamentarians to the city, Strong, but legislative.

"This is a straightforward and pointed way of dealing with the problem," said Lau Siu-kai, a senior Hong Kong senior advisor to Hong Cable Television. "The power of the central government has not been fully respected.

The close choreography of the unprecedented security facility closures near the pro-democracy demonstration site in 2014 was filled with pro-Chinese rhetoric and garnered global headlines with clashes and tear gas across the coastal skyscrapers. The streets did not come in contact with street people or pro-democratic voices, and gave up the opportunity to lower political enthusiasm through a softer, more nuanced approach.

Some activists acknowledge that Xi has become the culmination of a growing sense of disillusionment in the democratic movement since it seized power, but the strong position of democracy and Beijing is probably wider and can lead to radicalism. Under the Hong Kong Constitution, the Hong Kong Constitution is guaranteed a broad autonomy of "at least 50 years" according to the formula of "one nation, two classes", which has been acclaimed by Xi since 1997. We also designate universal suffrage as the final goal.

But Beijing's rejection of full democracy was one of the biggest populist challenges to Beijing for decades with three-month street protests in 2014.

'Most urgent' protests

In the afternoon, tens of thousands gathered in a huge park named after Queen Victoria in sweat. The organizers increased this number to more than 60,000. Some protesters march in the city as a symbol of democratic activism, a yellow umbrella, holding a flag denouncing China's communist "one-sided rule." Others criticized the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which said on Friday that the "joint declaration" with Hong Kong, a treaty pending a treaty on how cities will be ruled since 1997, is "no longer practical."

Carrie Lam, China's first female leader, expressed strong support in Beijing, China. A small group of democratic activists near the stadium was squashed by a group of men who crushed several props in an ugly parachute. The nine democratic protesters, including student leader Joshua Wong and lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung, were tied to police ranks and many pro-Chinese groups cheered loudly and shook the red Chinese flag .

FIA Team Wraps Up SECP Probe

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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) team, which investigated the records of the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP), completed its work on Friday after more than two hours with the IT department of the corporate sector regulator.

The four-member FIA team, led by anti-corruption wing director Maqsoodul Hassan, began the investigation after working hours on Friday, June 23, and finished on the SECP site on Friday, June 30. After quizzing several SECP executives and holding a meeting with the senior management of the committee, the FIA team spent their last time in the IT department. There were rumors that certain hardware was seized, including notebooks issued to JEPARHI JAZZI SECP Chairperson. However, this impression was rejected by senior SECP staff.

Senior SECP executives told Dawn that SECP had multiple backup servers to ensure data security across the entire network. The software is operating overseas and the data is protected in five steps," the official said. "FIA agents have brought email records for some of the officers surveyed earlier, but the option to delete previous records has been blocked from emails from many executives."

The FIT team was established under the direction of the elite court 

when JIT asserted that SECP had engaged in record operations. The investigator looks at the IT records. FIA officials are investigating new evidence that investigated the Hudabiya documents.

A source at the FIA said some of the evidence was collected at the SECP and some were recognized by senior and senior executives. They all acknowledged that the deadline for Chaudhry Sugar Mills was dismissed retroactively in the office of SECP President Zafar Hijazi in 2016. This is not a serious crime, but the reason for the threat to employees is that employees are threatened to sign It is because. "

The closed memo is an officer assigned to a money laundering case involving Maheen Fatima, Chaudhry Sugar Mills, signed by Ali Azeem, head of the executive department in 2013. But Tahir Mahmood, chairman of the SECP in 2013, did not mention it, and a source at the FIA is now a commissioner for the company's legal department.

This is in violation of written responses to the Supreme Court filed by the FIA

SEC Chairperson Hijazi SECP Chairman Tahir Mahmood received a briefing on the Fatima issue at the meeting, and it was reported that the matter had already been completed and a request was sent to the British authorities for investigation. And withdrew in 2013.

The SECP response to the Supreme Court said that each committee member had been appointed for the long time since the matter had been terminated. Meanwhile, investigators reported that they found new evidence that the team was tampering with records in records from Hudabiya Sugar Mills and other organizations owned by Sharif affiliates.

However, the official said, This evidence is related to the change of the name of the directors without following the due process," and added, "These illegal acts are being revealed with the help of the moles inside the committee. The FIA will submit the report to JIT tomorrow (Monday) and submit it.

Pakistan Cricket Must Constantly Rage

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Pakistan cricket must constantly rage against dying of the light

On a rare day our soul soars on ordinary people. Are we crickets, sports? What would you love to eat willow in leather? What can you enjoy running and wickets? No, it may not be a cricket. Ask a German or Brazilian who is a representative of a great sporting country for cricket. Then you will pillage them and make them stupid. What is this sport that crazy people and Britons like in the noon sun?

Crickets are not as meaningful as all isolated hobbies. Sports are relevant only when attaching our feelings. Soccer fans experience the agony and ecstasy of all goals. The boxing bout excites us only when we are with one of the fighters. International cricket is this and more. It is intertwined with history and national identity. Cricket is us and we are cricket. Perhaps more ways to Pakistan than any other country?

The socio-political roots of cricket are deep

From the breakdown of the British Empire to the emergence of the Commonwealth, from the South Asian division to the West Indies, from the apartheid destruction of South Africa to the political walls of India and Pakistan, cricket is the heartbeat of the country.

With the struggle for growth and prosperity in the fight against imperialism and division in Pakistan, the heart of the cricket, which is keeping its place in the world, is strong everywhere. In the 1970s and 1980s, the greatest team in cricket history in the West Indies was wet with the political will of the black movement. The West Indies of Clive Lloyd and Vivian Richards were heroic ambitions of people's aspirations.

Imran Khan and Javed Miandad of Pakistan are also a cricket player united to name their country in the world. Too much, now, Sarfraz Ahmed of Pakistan talisman selling armor. Prepared and, quite as it is, this slippery Pakistan has created one of the sport's greatest feats to win this year's championship trophy. Pakistan was disappointed in the paper.

They finished the tournament with the lowest ranking team and were ranked as defeats lost to India. That's when certain magic took place. Something like the ordinary veil of Pakistan collapsed. Fight, enthusiasm, Pakistani cricket talent is back. We have returned to an era in which Pakistan makes its name in cricket and the world with technology, mind and impulse.

All the victories were important. South Africa was the highest ranked team in the world. England was the protagonist. India, the superpower of the world cricket. Even Sri Lanka was sufficiently competent and the closest to finishing the demolition of Pakistan. However mesmeric spelling, enthusiasm and symphony, the Pakistan team will not be able to stop. To be embarrassed is that these surreal days are too few and too scarce for countries with cricket talent.

There is a challenge to Pakistan's cricket board

How can you keep these terrible episodes successful? Every Pakistani cricket committee is a thoroughly failed test. After Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup, it seemed that the stage was settled. Victory was the culmination of decades of progress. The country is booming with top - notch players, especially bowlers. After that, the most complete team in Pakistan spent 10 years. But it was time to lose awareness of the unfinished potential. The team that could win the World Cup for the remaining 10 years did not win anymore.

Since then, winning the World T20 in 2009, this championship trophy does not provide a hint for permanence. Instead, this is a Pakistani cricket furious about the death of light for awhile. The cardinal sin of the Pakistani administration is to see their success as the validity of their methods. This is a philosophy that fails and hurts itself.

What we do not need now is excellent for those who run Pakistani cricket. We do not want to try to compensate for the weaknesses of the Pakistani cricket structure. We should not be relieved by self-congratulating hot air.

The wise leader appreciates his luck Calculation of his blessings for the glorious emergence of relief manifested in the resurrection of Mohammad Amir as a world-class pitcher with Parcarzan and Hasan Ali, and the flowers of Mickey Arthur and Safarz Ahmed We nourish the full cooperation.

A successful leader in the Champions Trophy will be modest and foreseeable, because it is not really some magic or blessing magic that is invisible. Pakistan was a little lucky. Short form matches your own burst in the form of a thrill.

China Taps Cobustible Ice For

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China taps 'combustible ice' for growing energy needs

China is digging deep into the ocean to get huge reserves of frozen fossil fuels known as "flammable ice," but it will take years to become part of the global energy mix. Gas hydrates are found not only in permafrost but also in the ocean floor, but experts say methane extraction from ice crystals is technically difficult and costly.

Energy Demand China, one of the countries that want to use resources that are difficult to meet the growing demand, recently announced a "historic breakthrough" in drilling tests in the South China Sea. China has extracted more than 235,000 cubic meters of gas hydrate off the coast of Guangdong Province in six weeks, according to the China Geological Survey website.

China is expected to complete exploration exploration of flammable ice using regional innovation in technology and engineering," said Jianliang Guangzhou, director of the Ocean Geological Survey.

It has become a historic breakthrough,

Substantial deposits, The US Department of Energy said that because natural gas could emit 164 cubic meters of methane, methane could be ignited and a 1-square-meter gas hydrate, also known as "combustible ice," would be extracted. Methane is extracted by heating or pressurizing the pressure inside the well to decompose the hydrate.

Estimates of the size of the planet's gas hydrate reserves vary widely, but the US Department of State said it could "exceed the combined energy content of all other known fossil fuels".

Analysts say that in countries with limited access to conventional natural gas, considerable resources can become "game changers. Ingo Pecher, a professor of science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, said, "A perfect example is important because Japan does not have much of the traditional gas.

Japan relies heavily on imports of liquefied natural gas, and most nuclear power plants are still offline for more than six years after the 2011 tsunami disaster. The result is an economy," Pecher said. Known gas hydrate deposits from New Zealand to Alaska have been identified, but the challenge is finding a highly concentrated and accessible place.

The huge potential

Some countries are hoping to convert gas hydrates to energy sources, including Japan, which reported drilling success on the Pacific coast. The US, which is investigating the potential of gas hydrates, has had positive results from exploration drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

But commercially successful production is "another decade," said Boston Duerloo Partner and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group. Duerloo said, "We know the location of the resources and how to apply them, but the rate of production at the well can not be commercially viable at the current price," Duerloo said. Another exceptional energy source, Shale Gas, takes a long time to take off.

China will start commercial production of gas hydrates around 2030, the Ministry of Land and Resources said. Another concern surrounding the extraction of gas hydrates is the potential that methane, a greenhouse gas, can leak into the atmosphere and cause global warming, said Xu Yuan, an associate professor of geography and resource management at the University of China.

Nonetheless, gas hydrates have a "huge potential" if they can overcome cost and technology barriers, he added.